How to style denim according to your workplace

Here at ZipFit Denim, we’re constantly exchanging tips and tricks for styling denim in a professional setting.  After all, making rock-solid recommendations is part of the job for our fabulous Fit Experts, who work tirelessly to deliver the perfect pair of jeans to every person who signs up for one of our famous fittings.

We already know that investing in properly-tailored pants pays dividends when it comes to comfort, confidence, and productivity in the workplace.  But denim alone does not an outfit make.  So how exactly do you build an outfit around the clean cuts and dark washes we suggest to our corporate clients?

The answer, of course, relies on the specifics of your office’s dress code (if it has one).  Casual Friday at a law firm, for example, looks a little bit different than a client onsite for a young tech startup.  Read on for a few of our favorite styling tips!

If your office is on the conservative side…

Pair a clean and simple dark wash pant like the Paige ‘Normandie’ Slim-Straight Jean in ‘Reggie’ with a crisp button-down, cognac leather oxfords, and a matching belt this Casual Friday.  Top it off with a dark blue blazer, and you’re ready to comfortably and confidently seize the day and transition seamlessly into happy hour or date night.

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 7.54.14 AM

A sleek cigarette leg like that on the AG ‘Prima’ Mid-Rise Jean in ‘Rhode Blue’ makes for a corporate-friendly getup as well.  We recommend pairing with a luxe sleeveless silk shell (especially during summer!) and your favorite pair of on-trend backless loafers.  And even though it’s warm outside, we suggest throwing on a chic structured blazer to complete the look and endure that notoriously unyielding office A/C.

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 7.55.21 AM.png

If your office is more relaxed…

A classic cut with some well-placed fading, like the Citizens of Humanity ‘Gage’ Classic Straight Jean in ‘Redford,’ is perfect for more progressive offices like coworking spaces and dog-friendly workplaces, especially if your coworker’s four-legged friend is a shedder.  Pair jeans like these with a polo and some clean canvas sneakers for a foolproof look that will take you from business to ballgame if the Cubs or Sox are in town.

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 7.56.26 AM.png

A medium wash and a custom hem is the perfect way to inject your sense of style into a casual office look.  A crop like the DL1961 ‘Coco’ Mid-Rise Curvy Ankle Skinny Jean in ‘Callahan’  OR “Stony” is the best opportunity to try out a raw hemline, which will look flawless paired with tan leather platform sandals and a breezy top that’ll look even better with an après-work Aperol Spritz.

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 7.57.43 AM.png

The ways in which jeans can be styled are infinite, these are just a couple of our favorites for the workplace.  Now that you know how to dress up your denim, all that remains is to book an appointment, either in our showroom or in your office!

For more information and how-to book our fitting experience, designed for offices, please email our Director of Sales, Ryan Kalita: 

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The cost of budget blue jeans is higher than you think. Here’s why.

As more and more companies switch over to more casual dress code policies, stiff and starchy is on its way out in favor of fits and fabrics that are, simply put, more practical for tackling a nine-hour workday.  We already know that denim in dark washes and clean cuts is the favored alternative to more “buttoned-up” companies spanning from Ernst & Young to Walmart.

Incorporating denim into an everyday uniform is a no-brainer, but not all jeans are created equal.  We’ve covered why designer jeans are a worthwhile investment, but let’s take a closer look at exactly how the hidden costs of budget brands might just bite you in the butt.

Cost per wear

Your standard pair of low-cost denim will generally cost around $50 (Refinery29 explains the pricing of denim here), but they won’t last you long with consistent use!  Let’s say your office is dipping its toe in the wonderful world of Casual Friday for the first time.  If you’re in the office 48 Fridays a year wearing that one pair of jeans, the cost per wear works out to $0.52 if they last two full years.


High-quality materials and meticulous construction, by contrast, make for designer denim built to last at least ten years with consistent use.  A pair of $180 jeans properly cared for and worn just once a week, every casual Friday, 48 weeks a year, for ten years, works out to $0.38 per wear.  Here is another article explaining a similar scenario.

Of course, these numbers reflect the difference in cost associated with wearing your jeans just once a week, and the difference in cost per wear only increases as the frequency of wearing your jeans increases.  We’ll spare you the math for now, but we’d be happy to share if you really want it!

A fourteen-cent difference each time you put on pants isn’t necessarily compelling at first blush.  When you buy the discount denim, you appear to save at least $100 compared to the brands ZipFit offers!  But at what cost?

_zMPrNskAt this cost!

For most consumers, committing to a new pair of jeans (or any pants, for that matter) means a trip to the mall, paying for parking, time spent rifling through dilapidated clothing racks and apocalyptic sale piles, and worst of all, the dressing room.

Most of us can’t walk into a department store and walk out with the perfect pair, anyways, because jeans (especially mass-produced, low-cost ones) aren’t designed to fit everybody’s body.

That means adding on another trip across town to pay for parking to spend time trying not to get poked by your tailor’s needle while they determine what needs to be altered so that you can leave your pants there for a week and then make a third (and hopefully final) trip to pick up your newly-tailored office apparel.

Did we mention that all of this is expected to take place after hours?  Just so you can wear pants to work?

The cost of this vicious cycle adds up when dealing with low-quality jeans.  Especially when you have to repeat it once a year or so.  Shopping for low-cost denim online brings with it an entirely different set of challenges that make customers’ lives more difficult as budget brands struggle to remain consistent with sizing across different styles.

So now what?

This process is exhausting regardless of what article of clothing you’re looking to replace.  Luckily, we got you covered and ZipFit Denim has solved your denim “distress.”  Our foolproof fitting process brings the workwear selection process directly to your office, embedding the cost of tailoring into the price you pay for your jeans.  This saves our customers at least three trips around town, all in the time it takes to comb through The Wall Street Journal during a generous bathroom break.  After the first fitting, dressing rooms are a thing of the past, for denim at least.  As long as you buy jeans from us, they’re tailored to fit your body perfectly and delivered straight to your home or office every time.  And the reviews speak for themselves.

Though the dollar amount spent up front on designer denim is indeed higher than that spent on lower-cost alternatives, there is a price to be paid for pinching pennies when it comes to buying jeans.  Is it worth being uncomfortable all day at work? Buying new jeans every season because the quality isn’t up to par?  Getting frustrated in a dressing room at the mall, on top of trying to find parking?  No way!

So let us bring the shop to you, and treat your employees to their new favorite in-office event!  We promise we have something for every body, and our fitting experience, designed for offices, is the perfect way to promote a fun-cultured, employee-focused workplace.


For how to book and more information on our fitting experience, designed for offices, please email our Director of Sales, Ryan Kalita: 

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The ZipFit Office Fitting Experience: What Are Companies Saying?

ZipFit’s one-of-a-kind fitting experience, designed for offices, is unlike any other in-office event. Regardless of your company’s size, we tailor the experience to fit your culture. We’re honored to have worked with a wide range of companies who love our service. Our portfolio includes traditional corporate environments, such as law firms and consultancies, as well as creative offices, like advertising agencies and startups. We create the appropriate environment to fit your company’s requests and make our office fittings an unforgettable experience.  From employee wellness days to denim education (how to wear jeans at the office) to client giftings, we gotcha covered!

We will take you through two different office fitting experiences to explain what we do and how we accommodate different types of companies in their specific office settings. Prior to diving in, we invite you to take a look at our last blog post, “A 15-Minute Fitting Experience, Designed for Offices” to gain a better sense of what sets us apart from other employee-focused events.

Sapient Razorfish

Last month, we were thrilled to set-up shop at Sapient Razorfish, a ‘Digital Transformation Agency’ under Publicis Groupe. Right off the bat, the culture at Sapient Razorfish is something that we really enjoyed seeing. We admired everyone’s “work hard, play hard” mentality and the fact that they encourage a positive work-life balance for their employees. Their Chicago office is bright, modern, and bustling with energy.  We love that Sapient Razorfish relies on a business casual dress code that even encourages denim days! At Sapient Razorfish, denim is the go-to uniform, so we fit right in!

Our fitting experience at Sapient Razorfish was a huge success, and everyone from the office organizers to their employees loved our service. Booking with our office contact was a breeze. We set up shop in a large common area right by their kitchen and lounge space. The demand for fittings was so high that we went back twice in one month! We fit employees for two afternoons filled with back-to-back appointments. We fit over 50 Sapient Razorfish employees during our office fitting events, and our team hand-delivered everyone’s custom-tailored jeans right to the office! We can’t wait to work with Sapient Razorfish Chicago again in the future, and we’re excited to be visiting their LA and NYC offices this summer.



  • “This was my favorite employee event to date!” – (Sapient Razorfish employee)
  • “My ZipFit jeans are my new favorite! – (Sapient Razorfish employee)
  • “Our employees loved it! Thank you, ZipFit!” – (Sapient Razorfish Organizer)


Ernst & Young

Last month, we had the privilege of fitting Ernst & Young, a ‘multinational professional services firm.’ Our team was excited to visit and set up shop at one of the “Big Four” accounting firms! When we think of Ernst & Young’s culture, we think of excellence. EY is a well-renowned firm, bustling daily with employees who are in and out of the office and traveling all week. Time management for an employee at a firm like EY is crucial to a healthy work-life balance. ZipFit prides itself on making employees’ lives easier by eliminating the arduous denim shopping process altogether. The employees loved the efficiency of our 15-minute process!

As mentioned above, ZipFit services any and all companies, no matter the dress code. Although EY is known for being “business professional” when it comes to attire, we were excited to help them kick off their new dress code for “Denim Fridays.” ZipFit enjoyed helping their employees gear up for a well-deserved business casual dress day during their busy week. We assisted in planning a “Dress for Success” event in our showroom, where we held a fashion show demonstrating how to wear your jeans to the office and properly care for denim. We followed our event up with not one, but two fitting days in their Chicago office.  Between our event and Chicago office fittings, we fit over 100 people from EY! We look forward to going back for round three in August and continuing our partnership with them in the future.



  • “My fitting was quick and easy. The Fit Experts were great to work with!” – (EY employee)
  • “I am so short and can never find jeans that fit me! This is such a great idea!” – (EY employee)
  • “The ZipFit team was awesome to work with! The planning with their Business Development team was simple and all of our events were seamless! ” – (EY Organizer)


Will your office be next? Book ZipFit Denim at your office and wow your employees with an office experience they will love and enjoy!

For how-to book and more information on our fitting experience, designed for offices, please email our Director of Sales, Ryan Kalita: 

#GetFitWithZipFit #FitForAnyBody


A 15-Minute Fitting Experience, Designed for Offices

At ZipFit Denim, we provide custom designer denim for everybody by perfectly fitting every body.

We disrupted the denim world to help your employees feel great about themselves exactly as they are…with a custom denim fitting right in your office! 


ZipFit Denim designed a 15-minute in-office fitting experience because we know that shopping for work-friendly jeans can be a pain! We do this by offering an unmatched shopping experience for your employees who are hard at work all day. ZipFit at the office not only helps boost company morale, but it also allows your employees to feel incredible.  Besides, confident workers are competent workers!

Our seasoned Fit Experts will ask you a few questions, using their expertise to diminish the guesswork in order to find your perfect fit. It’s simple, it’s fast, and it’s fun! The best part is that we bring the shop to your office, and absolutely everybody is included. Your team members try on a sample to confirm that the fit feels great, and then we measure for alterations to create the custom fit. Plus, we save everyone’s measurements on file, so ZipFit clients never have to try on a pair of jeans again!

We help your employees look and feel amazing, from work to the weekend…

we gotcha!


Here is what people are saying

“Great experience!! Finding a pair of jeans that fits right and looks good is typically a very frustrating experience for me and takes an entire Saturday at the mall. My experience at ZipFit was awesome, only took 20 minutes away from my desk, and my jeans look fantastic on me!” – Warby Parker Employee

Book ZipFit Denim at your office, and we’ll handle the rest!

  1. Select a date and time for your in-office fitting
  2. Reserve a conference room or large common area within your office
  3. We take it from there, managing sign-ups and spreading the word!

For more information on our office fitting experience and to book your fitting, please email our Director of Sales, Ryan Kalita:

 Will your office be next?

Your employees will thank you!

Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 10.03.07 PM

4 Reasons Why Designer Denim is Worth the Splurge

abstract-pattern-apparel-background-531759With Old Navy’s perennial Fourth of July Sale approaching faster than the thick blanket of humidity that covers the better part of the U.S. each summer, it’s especially tempting to fall victim to the allure of cheap jeans.  After all, they look the same in all the pictures online!

But is all denim truly created equal?

We at ZipFit Denim understand the value of designer denim, which is why we’re proud to carry a portfolio of brands whose quality we believe in.  In honor of National Splurge Day 2018, we’re sharing why.

1. Premium Denim is Less Expensive

High-quality fabric paired with high-quality hardware (you know, buttons, zippers, and rivets) make for a killer pair of pants that is designed to last.  When jeans are made with cheap materials, they fall apart quickly.  More often than not, those same jeans come from retailers lacking forgiving return policies.  Though $25 seems much kinder to your wallet than $200, the cost per wear ultimately favors the pricier pair.  Designer denim is built to last around ten years, which means, if you wear your jeans just twice a week for ten years, it’ll cost you just $0.19 per wear.  On the contrary, a $25 pair of jeans worn twice a week for eight months, which is an estimate (from personal experience) of how long $25 jeans last before losing all shape and function, will cost you $0.39 per wear, more than twice the cost per wear of designer denim.  Good jeans are worth the investment, and the cost pays dividends in the long run.  That means fewer shopping trips for you, and less synthetic fabric populating your friendly neighborhood landfill.  Which brings us to our next point.

2. Ethical Standards

Like many of the clothes sold by low-cost, fast-fashion retailers, cheap denim is often manufactured in unsafe factories that fail to pay workers livable wages.  These factories are notorious not only for neglecting their workers, but also the environment, with well-documented histories of dumping waste from the manufacturing process into nearby waterways.  That’s not to say that designer denim manufacturers are totally in the clear in the ongoing battle for a more humane and environmentally-conscious fashion industry, but they are a good start.  Brands carried by ZipFit, like Citizens of Humanity and AG Jeans, produce their pants in factories in Los Angeles, where workers are compensated and treated in accordance with United States labor laws.  Additionally, high-end brands have greater resources with which to invest in practices that are environmentally friendly by comparison, meaning the carbon footprint of your designer denim is much lower than its low-cost alternative.  And the likelihood that your designer denim ends up in the aforementioned friendly neighborhood landfill is much lower, too.

3. Cotton Quality is like Food Ingredients

Let’s start with the raw materials.  Low-cost jeans are made of, you guessed it, low-cost materials.  Often, this means cotton blended with synthetic materials.  Though a little bit of strategically-placed Elastane here and there does help your jeans stretch to fit your body, too much is a recipe for thin and unreliable denim that feels nice and spandex-y at first, but ultimately doesn’t breathe, resist wear and tear, or retain its shape.   Designer denim boasts sturdier, purer cotton, which ultimately makes a huge difference in……

4. All the Steps Matter – The Manufacturing Process

Designer denim, like the brands we carry at ZipFit Denim, goes through an extensive manufacturing process that demands more time and manpower than the cheap, mass-produced pairs sold by fast-fashion retailers.  The high-quality cotton you just read about is woven into fabric with a much higher stitch count than its low-cost counterparts.  The denim is then washed and treated, processes which are usually overlooked in the production of bargain denim.  Washing and treating the denim gives it a leg up in look and feel and also contribute to the denim’s ability to last over time.

So there you have it, an itemized list of four reasons to invest in high-quality denim.  ZipFit Denim makes it even more valuable by tailoring designer denim to fit you perfectly, which means less time in the dressing room and more time sporting your favorite styles, new and old, anywhere and everywhere.

The Three Denim Trends You Need This Summer (Men’s 2018)

Gents, it’s pure Jeanious

Now that we have perfected your favorite fits, we want to take it one step further. ZipFit “Jeanious” is a seasonal denim trend report that we created for all of our clients who want to look great and feel their best in the jeans that they love! We’re excited to share our first “Jeanious” report, featuring the three denim looks you need in order to stay on trend this summer.  Want to know the BEST part about all of these trends? You can implement all three of these by customizing any and all of your ZipFit jeans, FREE of charge. What’s even better? Your measurements are saved on file, so there is absolutely no guesswork.

Check it out and email your Fit Expert to order your favorite looks below in the fits you already love. As always, custom-tailored to fit YOU!

One-Cuff Wonder:

The cuffed denim trend is an easy way to change up your everyday look. The one-cuff look offers a trendy yet casual look and feel to any outfit. It’s also a great option if you’re looking to add something fun and different to your denim rotation.

  • *Fit Tip: Add an inch to your inseam if the cuffed look is what you’re going for. Simply let your Fit Expert know and they will adjust your inseam based on your measurements!


Greys for Days:

A perfect-fitting grey jean is a great go-to for all year round. We love grey because it matches absolutely everything! It is great for summer and will take you through fall & winter, too. We believe that every man should have a pair in his denim rotation!

  • *Fit Tip: Opt for a light to medium grey wash jean, if you’re going for a more casual look and feel. Save darker grey options for the office or a night out!

Dare to be Different in Whites & Lights:

Do you dare? Be bold in white and light cream denim this season and you will be the talk of the town (in the best way, we promise). 😉 This trend is a breath of fresh air and is easy to pair with just about anything. We love this look for office and night out.

*Fit Tip: Dress down your lighter colors with a brown, stark white or navy sneaker. Dress it up with a cognac driving mock or a wing tip option.

We hope you enjoyed this Jeanious report, featuring the top three denim trends you need to try now!

Which trend will you rock this season?!

P.S. We always love seeing our customers in their denim! Take a pic in your ZipFit jeans and tag us @zipfitdenim for a chance to be featured on our Instagram!

Don’t forget to hashtag #GetFitWitZipFit

Meet the Team: Hayley Jurgensen, Senior Business Development Executive


We chatted with Hayley, our superstar Senior Business Development Executive, who shared her favorite denim trend, her daily life at ZipFit, and more!

Where are you from?

Omaha, Nebraska

Where did you go to school, and what did you study?

I attended the University of Dayton, where I majored in Marketing and minored in Communications.

How long have you worked for ZipFit Denim?

2.5 years

What is your perfect fit?

The Citizens of Humanity ‘Rocket’ and the Paige ‘Hoxton’

Describe your perfect Sunday. 

On my ideal Sunday, I sleep in before heading to brunch with friends.  After that, I head home, order dinner in, and lounge around in my pajamas all night!

Who is your style icon?

Bella Hadid– I love her style!

What is your favorite denim trend right now?

I love a clean, straight crop with a fun hem!

What is your Instagram handle?


What is the most embarrassing trend you’ve ever participated in?

OMG.  Definitely the tiny little sweater things that ended at your boobs that were worn over a tank top.  Gross.  Plus the hip-bone belts over jean skirts. Not in belt loops, just hanging there.  Yikes.

What do you do during an average day at ZipFit?

This question stresses me out!!!  Every day is so different.  I always have a lot of meetings, and I also help the sales team book and conduct fittings.  I’m the liaison between sales and the rest of the company, so I am usually tying up loose ends somewhere, trying to schedule and close business development leads.  There are definitely a million other things I’m missing, but those are the main daily duties!

How did you end up at ZipFit?

Liz found me!  She discovered me on LinkedIn and noticed I had just moved to Chicago from New York, where I had previously lived for almost 5 years while working in the fashion world.  She sent me a message, and we set up a phone and in-person interview.  I’ve been hooked ever since!

What’s your favorite ZipFit memory?

There are too many good ones to count! Fitting the Cubs and Dallas Cowboys is up there. Liz telling us she’s pregnant. Officially moving into the new office was sad, but awesome at the same time, too!


The 3 Denim Trends You Need This Summer! (Women’s 2018)

Ladies, it’s pure Jeanious

Now that we have perfected your favorite fits, we want to take it one step further. ZipFit “Jeanious” is a seasonal denim trend report that we created for all of our clients who want to look great and feel their best in the jeans that they love! We’re excited to share our first “Jeanious” report featuring the three denim looks you need to stay on trend this summer.  Want to know the BEST part about all of these trends? You can implement all three of these by customizing any and all of your ZipFit jeans, FREE of charge. What’s even better? We keep your measurements on file, so there is absolutely no guesswork.

Check it out and email your Fit Expert to order your favorite looks below in the fits you already love. As always, your jeans are custom-tailored to fit YOU!

Go Raw!

Raw hems are an easy way to take the jeans you love to the next level. A raw hem adds just the right amount of edginess mixed with class to achieve a fun summer look. Plus, raw hems can easily be worn from day to night.

  • Fit Tip! Pair your raw-hemmed denim with sneakers or a cute flat for daytime, and transition the look to nighttime by adding a pump or fun wedge!

Cuff it Up! 

From skinnies to straight legs, cuffing your jeans adds a fun change to your everyday look. It allows you to change the whole look and feel of an outfit with one simple technique. Although it may seem casual, we love the cuffed look with flat sandals for day or even a heel for night.

  • Fit Tip! Always add an extra inch to your inseam if you plan to cuff a certain pair of jeans. Be sure to tell your Fit Experts about the look you are going for and they can adjust your inseam accordingly.

Don’t Forget to Crop it!

Cropped denim in any shape or form is all the rage this summer. From skinnies to cropped straights, we think this trend is here to stay. We especially love it for the warmer months. The beauty about the cropped look is that it goes with absolutely everything!

  • Fit Tip! Always crop your jean at least 2.5 to 3″ above your ankle bone to achieve this look. Cropped denim also has the ability to elongate your legs, especially when paired with the right shoe. Add that raw hem we featured above and, we promise, you’ll be the new “trendsetter” at the office.

We hope you enjoyed this Jeanious report, featuring the top three denim trends you need to try now!

Which trend will you rock this season?!

P.S. We always love seeing our customers in their denim! Take a pic in your ZipFit jeans and tag us @zipfitdenim for a chance to be featured on our Instagram!

Don’t forget to hashtag #GetFitWitZipFit


Meet the Team: Julianna Conenna, Marketing and Communications Manager

Julianna is pictured here in the Hudson ‘Barbara’ High-Rise Skinny Jean in Coated Black.

We sat down with Julianna, our magnificent Marketing and Communications Manager, to learn a little bit about her background, her day-to-day life at ZipFit, and her ideal Sunday.

How long have you worked at ZipFit Denim?

A little over 2 years.

What is your perfect fit?

I love the J Brand High-Rise Natasha!

Where did you go to school?

I attended DePaul University in Chicago, majoring in Public Relations and Advertising and minoring in Italian!

Describe your perfect Sunday!

My perfect Sunday is getting out of the city and heading home to the suburbs to see my crazy Italian family. We’ll cook together, relax, and just hang out all day. Sunday family dinner has always been a tradition that I love.

Who are your style icons?

Gosh, I have so many!  My love for fashion started with my Nonna and my mom. They were my first fashion inspirations!  I have always loved the classic looks of Coco Chanel but mixed with the edginess of someone like Madonna.  Recently, I’ve become a huge fan of many style influencers, especially Olivia Culpo. My style is always evolving! It really depends on my mood and what I am dressing for!  

What is your favorite denim trend right now?

I am loving the super high-waisted yet unstructured denim trend happening right now. I am also really into the vintage vibe, especially for the warmer months.

What is your Instagram handle?

My Instagram is and I primarily post my favorite styles and outfits!

Do you have any hidden talents? What are they?

I’m secretly really good at figure skating!

What is the most embarrassing trend you’ve ever participated in?

Probably Ed Hardy everything from the sneakers to the perfume and Juicy Couture velour handbags with lots of bling!

Cubs or Sox? Or someone else altogether?


What do you do in an average day at ZipFit?

Loaded question!  On an average day, I am in and out of fittings, either here in our showroom or in cities like NYC and LA.  I am always checking my email so that I can tend to clients’ customer service needs with the best customer service possible. I also spend lots of time prospecting new business through both personal and corporate client acquisition and client gifting. Lastly, I help with our social media and marketing– I am constantly trying to find new and innovative ways to share the ZipFit story and promote our brand!

How did you end up at ZipFit?

I left the crazy public relations agency life to find my way back the world of fashion. After about 6 months of personal styling, Liz found me! We met for coffee and I immediately fell in love with the company culture and our amazing team!

What’s your favorite ZipFit memory?

I have SO many!  One would have to be having the opportunity to fit Deion Sanders at our showroom in Chicago– he’s one of our favorite clients!  Another awesome milestone for us occurred when we all packed up our old showroom and moved into our new, beautiful space. It was a bittersweet time but also super exciting that we outgrew our old space and were ready for something new. 🙂

Meet the Team: Courtney Kresach, Sales Manager

zipfit_fitexperts_courtney_02We sat down with Courtney, our stellar Sales Manager, to learn a little bit about her background, her favorite Chicago sports team, and her ideal Sunday.

How long have you worked for ZipFit?

Two and a half years

How did you end up at ZipFit Denim?

At my old job, someone in passing had just mentioned that they had been fitted for jeans by ZipFit. He had said they “do denim, but include the alterations.” I decided to check them out, and have been working here ever since.

Where are you from?

I’m from Homewood, a suburb south of Chicago.

Where did you go to school?

I studied social services at Eastern Illinois University.

What is your perfect fit?

My perfect fit is a skinny high-rise cut, like the Paige Hoxton jeans (pictured above)!

What is your favorite denim trend right now?

My favorite trend right now is the high-rise flare, like the J Brand Maria!

Describe your perfect Sunday

My perfect Sunday starts with brunch surrounded by friends and ends with a Blackhawks victory.

What is the most embarrassing trend you’ve ever participated in?

JNCO jeans and Palazzo pants — yikes!

Cubs or Sox?


What do you do in an average day at ZipFit?

Every day is different, but finding our clients’ perfect fit in 15 minutes is always at the core of whatever it is we’re doing.

What’s your favorite ZipFit memory?

Once, I was scared absolutely sh*tless by Cate and Hayley (two of our Fit Experts) as they returned to the showroom from a trip to New York City and caught me completely off-guard.