How to Nix the Guesswork When You Dress for Work


Experts may never agree on the merits of working from home versus in the office.  Working in the office is critical to effective collaboration, according to some, but working from home might provide for happier employees by eliminating many of the discomforts associated with the workday.  One such discomfort is the restrictiveness of traditional business casual.  You know the type– that twill pencil skirt featuring “33% more stretch than ever!” really means 33% more thigh chafing than ever by the end of the day.  Or the stiff pleated khaki slacks that are more wrinkled than a newborn shar-pei by lunchtime.

To combat this, companies like Instagram and Facebook now boast casual dress codes, often going so far as to list it as a top benefit of employment.

Offices permitting more casual dress aren’t just looking to placate their workers.  It makes them better at their jobs, too.

Denim is a staple in offices across the country, often paired with button-downs, blouses, and sweaters, providing for professional yet preferable daily outfits.  The idea of denim in the workplace makes some traditionalists shudder, inciting fears of inappropriate style choices that compromise the office’s desired professionalism.  It’s true– the jeans I’d wear if I gardened on the weekends are not the same jeans that I’d wear to present a final deliverable to my marketing team.

But how can employers make this distinction clear to their workers?

One option is to send out a company-wide email identifying styles that make sense in the workplace, perhaps also detailing styles that aren’t quite as welcome.  From there, employees eager to adopt a more relaxed policy but don’t yet own appropriate denim might fall down the department store rabbit hole. In my experience, this means one hour of rifling through poorly-organized racks in search of pants that hopefully fit and one hour of cardio trying on said pants in the world’s worst lighting only to find out that none of them fit quads calves and waist.  Maybe in post-dressing room delirium you settle on the least bad option and promise yourself to take them to the tailor, but that’s yet another step in this already-exhausting process of forcing one pair of pants to fit your body.  If this sounds awful, that’s because it is. And that’s before the inevitable added stress of perfume kiosk evasion.

Enter ZipFit’s team of Fit Experts, who specialize in outfitting entire offices with high-quality denim for both work and play.  In around fifteen minutes, our team takes measurements and helps clients select denim that not only suits their needs but also fits perfectly.  By working with ZipFit, companies also cut down on the uncertainty associated with implementing a denim-friendly dress code by entrusting our Fit Experts to identify work-appropriate denim with a fit that feels good for a full day in the office, all at the same price their employees would be paying in department stores.  This is a valuable benefit for employers to offer, saving their workers time and money while personalizing workwear in a meaningful way.

The result?  Employees who don’t shy away from time in the office because they’re dreading the confines of uncomfortable workwear.  And employees who feel as confident as possible when delivering their quarterly reports because they’re in their perfect fit.  So what are you waiting for? Schedule an in-office fitting today.


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