Meet the Team: Hayley Jurgensen, Senior Business Development Executive


We chatted with Hayley, our superstar Senior Business Development Executive, who shared her favorite denim trend, her daily life at ZipFit, and more!

Where are you from?

Omaha, Nebraska

Where did you go to school, and what did you study?

I attended the University of Dayton, where I majored in Marketing and minored in Communications.

How long have you worked for ZipFit Denim?

2.5 years

What is your perfect fit?

The Citizens of Humanity ‘Rocket’ and the Paige ‘Hoxton’

Describe your perfect Sunday. 

On my ideal Sunday, I sleep in before heading to brunch with friends.  After that, I head home, order dinner in, and lounge around in my pajamas all night!

Who is your style icon?

Bella Hadid– I love her style!

What is your favorite denim trend right now?

I love a clean, straight crop with a fun hem!

What is your Instagram handle?


What is the most embarrassing trend you’ve ever participated in?

OMG.  Definitely the tiny little sweater things that ended at your boobs that were worn over a tank top.  Gross.  Plus the hip-bone belts over jean skirts. Not in belt loops, just hanging there.  Yikes.

What do you do during an average day at ZipFit?

This question stresses me out!!!  Every day is so different.  I always have a lot of meetings, and I also help the sales team book and conduct fittings.  I’m the liaison between sales and the rest of the company, so I am usually tying up loose ends somewhere, trying to schedule and close business development leads.  There are definitely a million other things I’m missing, but those are the main daily duties!

How did you end up at ZipFit?

Liz found me!  She discovered me on LinkedIn and noticed I had just moved to Chicago from New York, where I had previously lived for almost 5 years while working in the fashion world.  She sent me a message, and we set up a phone and in-person interview.  I’ve been hooked ever since!

What’s your favorite ZipFit memory?

There are too many good ones to count! Fitting the Cubs and Dallas Cowboys is up there. Liz telling us she’s pregnant. Officially moving into the new office was sad, but awesome at the same time, too!


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