4 Reasons Why Designer Denim is Worth the Splurge

abstract-pattern-apparel-background-531759With Old Navy’s perennial Fourth of July Sale approaching faster than the thick blanket of humidity that covers the better part of the U.S. each summer, it’s especially tempting to fall victim to the allure of cheap jeans.  After all, they look the same in all the pictures online!

But is all denim truly created equal?

We at ZipFit Denim understand the value of designer denim, which is why we’re proud to carry a portfolio of brands whose quality we believe in.  In honor of National Splurge Day 2018, we’re sharing why.

1. Premium Denim is Less Expensive

High-quality fabric paired with high-quality hardware (you know, buttons, zippers, and rivets) make for a killer pair of pants that is designed to last.  When jeans are made with cheap materials, they fall apart quickly.  More often than not, those same jeans come from retailers lacking forgiving return policies.  Though $25 seems much kinder to your wallet than $200, the cost per wear ultimately favors the pricier pair.  Designer denim is built to last around ten years, which means, if you wear your jeans just twice a week for ten years, it’ll cost you just $0.19 per wear.  On the contrary, a $25 pair of jeans worn twice a week for eight months, which is an estimate (from personal experience) of how long $25 jeans last before losing all shape and function, will cost you $0.39 per wear, more than twice the cost per wear of designer denim.  Good jeans are worth the investment, and the cost pays dividends in the long run.  That means fewer shopping trips for you, and less synthetic fabric populating your friendly neighborhood landfill.  Which brings us to our next point.

2. Ethical Standards

Like many of the clothes sold by low-cost, fast-fashion retailers, cheap denim is often manufactured in unsafe factories that fail to pay workers livable wages.  These factories are notorious not only for neglecting their workers, but also the environment, with well-documented histories of dumping waste from the manufacturing process into nearby waterways.  That’s not to say that designer denim manufacturers are totally in the clear in the ongoing battle for a more humane and environmentally-conscious fashion industry, but they are a good start.  Brands carried by ZipFit, like Citizens of Humanity and AG Jeans, produce their pants in factories in Los Angeles, where workers are compensated and treated in accordance with United States labor laws.  Additionally, high-end brands have greater resources with which to invest in practices that are environmentally friendly by comparison, meaning the carbon footprint of your designer denim is much lower than its low-cost alternative.  And the likelihood that your designer denim ends up in the aforementioned friendly neighborhood landfill is much lower, too.

3. Cotton Quality is like Food Ingredients

Let’s start with the raw materials.  Low-cost jeans are made of, you guessed it, low-cost materials.  Often, this means cotton blended with synthetic materials.  Though a little bit of strategically-placed Elastane here and there does help your jeans stretch to fit your body, too much is a recipe for thin and unreliable denim that feels nice and spandex-y at first, but ultimately doesn’t breathe, resist wear and tear, or retain its shape.   Designer denim boasts sturdier, purer cotton, which ultimately makes a huge difference in……

4. All the Steps Matter – The Manufacturing Process

Designer denim, like the brands we carry at ZipFit Denim, goes through an extensive manufacturing process that demands more time and manpower than the cheap, mass-produced pairs sold by fast-fashion retailers.  The high-quality cotton you just read about is woven into fabric with a much higher stitch count than its low-cost counterparts.  The denim is then washed and treated, processes which are usually overlooked in the production of bargain denim.  Washing and treating the denim gives it a leg up in look and feel and also contribute to the denim’s ability to last over time.

So there you have it, an itemized list of four reasons to invest in high-quality denim.  ZipFit Denim makes it even more valuable by tailoring designer denim to fit you perfectly, which means less time in the dressing room and more time sporting your favorite styles, new and old, anywhere and everywhere.

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