A 15-Minute Fitting Experience, Designed for Offices

At ZipFit Denim, we provide custom designer denim for everybody by perfectly fitting every body.

We disrupted the denim world to help your employees feel great about themselves exactly as they are…with a custom denim fitting right in your office! 


ZipFit Denim designed a 15-minute in-office fitting experience because we know that shopping for work-friendly jeans can be a pain! We do this by offering an unmatched shopping experience for your employees who are hard at work all day. ZipFit at the office not only helps boost company morale, but it also allows your employees to feel incredible.  Besides, confident workers are competent workers!

Our seasoned Fit Experts will ask you a few questions, using their expertise to diminish the guesswork in order to find your perfect fit. It’s simple, it’s fast, and it’s fun! The best part is that we bring the shop to your office, and absolutely everybody is included. Your team members try on a sample to confirm that the fit feels great, and then we measure for alterations to create the custom fit. Plus, we save everyone’s measurements on file, so ZipFit clients never have to try on a pair of jeans again!

We help your employees look and feel amazing, from work to the weekend…

we gotcha!


Here is what people are saying

“Great experience!! Finding a pair of jeans that fits right and looks good is typically a very frustrating experience for me and takes an entire Saturday at the mall. My experience at ZipFit was awesome, only took 20 minutes away from my desk, and my jeans look fantastic on me!” – Warby Parker Employee

Book ZipFit Denim at your office, and we’ll handle the rest!

  1. Select a date and time for your in-office fitting
  2. Reserve a conference room or large common area within your office
  3. We take it from there, managing sign-ups and spreading the word!

For more information on our office fitting experience and to book your fitting, please email our Director of Sales, Ryan Kalita: ryan@zipfitdenim.com

 Will your office be next?

Your employees will thank you!

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