The ZipFit Office Fitting Experience: What Are Companies Saying?

ZipFit’s one-of-a-kind fitting experience, designed for offices, is unlike any other in-office event. Regardless of your company’s size, we tailor the experience to fit your culture. We’re honored to have worked with a wide range of companies who love our service. Our portfolio includes traditional corporate environments, such as law firms and consultancies, as well as creative offices, like advertising agencies and startups. We create the appropriate environment to fit your company’s requests and make our office fittings an unforgettable experience.  From employee wellness days to denim education (how to wear jeans at the office) to client giftings, we gotcha covered!

We will take you through two different office fitting experiences to explain what we do and how we accommodate different types of companies in their specific office settings. Prior to diving in, we invite you to take a look at our last blog post, “A 15-Minute Fitting Experience, Designed for Offices” to gain a better sense of what sets us apart from other employee-focused events.

Sapient Razorfish

Last month, we were thrilled to set-up shop at Sapient Razorfish, a ‘Digital Transformation Agency’ under Publicis Groupe. Right off the bat, the culture at Sapient Razorfish is something that we really enjoyed seeing. We admired everyone’s “work hard, play hard” mentality and the fact that they encourage a positive work-life balance for their employees. Their Chicago office is bright, modern, and bustling with energy.  We love that Sapient Razorfish relies on a business casual dress code that even encourages denim days! At Sapient Razorfish, denim is the go-to uniform, so we fit right in!

Our fitting experience at Sapient Razorfish was a huge success, and everyone from the office organizers to their employees loved our service. Booking with our office contact was a breeze. We set up shop in a large common area right by their kitchen and lounge space. The demand for fittings was so high that we went back twice in one month! We fit employees for two afternoons filled with back-to-back appointments. We fit over 50 Sapient Razorfish employees during our office fitting events, and our team hand-delivered everyone’s custom-tailored jeans right to the office! We can’t wait to work with Sapient Razorfish Chicago again in the future, and we’re excited to be visiting their LA and NYC offices this summer.



  • “This was my favorite employee event to date!” – (Sapient Razorfish employee)
  • “My ZipFit jeans are my new favorite! – (Sapient Razorfish employee)
  • “Our employees loved it! Thank you, ZipFit!” – (Sapient Razorfish Organizer)


Ernst & Young

Last month, we had the privilege of fitting Ernst & Young, a ‘multinational professional services firm.’ Our team was excited to visit and set up shop at one of the “Big Four” accounting firms! When we think of Ernst & Young’s culture, we think of excellence. EY is a well-renowned firm, bustling daily with employees who are in and out of the office and traveling all week. Time management for an employee at a firm like EY is crucial to a healthy work-life balance. ZipFit prides itself on making employees’ lives easier by eliminating the arduous denim shopping process altogether. The employees loved the efficiency of our 15-minute process!

As mentioned above, ZipFit services any and all companies, no matter the dress code. Although EY is known for being “business professional” when it comes to attire, we were excited to help them kick off their new dress code for “Denim Fridays.” ZipFit enjoyed helping their employees gear up for a well-deserved business casual dress day during their busy week. We assisted in planning a “Dress for Success” event in our showroom, where we held a fashion show demonstrating how to wear your jeans to the office and properly care for denim. We followed our event up with not one, but two fitting days in their Chicago office.  Between our event and Chicago office fittings, we fit over 100 people from EY! We look forward to going back for round three in August and continuing our partnership with them in the future.



  • “My fitting was quick and easy. The Fit Experts were great to work with!” – (EY employee)
  • “I am so short and can never find jeans that fit me! This is such a great idea!” – (EY employee)
  • “The ZipFit team was awesome to work with! The planning with their Business Development team was simple and all of our events were seamless! ” – (EY Organizer)


Will your office be next? Book ZipFit Denim at your office and wow your employees with an office experience they will love and enjoy!

For how-to book and more information on our fitting experience, designed for offices, please email our Director of Sales, Ryan Kalita: 

#GetFitWithZipFit #FitForAnyBody


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