The cost of budget blue jeans is higher than you think. Here’s why.

As more and more companies switch over to more casual dress code policies, stiff and starchy is on its way out in favor of fits and fabrics that are, simply put, more practical for tackling a nine-hour workday.  We already know that denim in dark washes and clean cuts is the favored alternative to more “buttoned-up” companies spanning from Ernst & Young to Walmart.

Incorporating denim into an everyday uniform is a no-brainer, but not all jeans are created equal.  We’ve covered why designer jeans are a worthwhile investment, but let’s take a closer look at exactly how the hidden costs of budget brands might just bite you in the butt.

Cost per wear

Your standard pair of low-cost denim will generally cost around $50 (Refinery29 explains the pricing of denim here), but they won’t last you long with consistent use!  Let’s say your office is dipping its toe in the wonderful world of Casual Friday for the first time.  If you’re in the office 48 Fridays a year wearing that one pair of jeans, the cost per wear works out to $0.52 if they last two full years.


High-quality materials and meticulous construction, by contrast, make for designer denim built to last at least ten years with consistent use.  A pair of $180 jeans properly cared for and worn just once a week, every casual Friday, 48 weeks a year, for ten years, works out to $0.38 per wear.  Here is another article explaining a similar scenario.

Of course, these numbers reflect the difference in cost associated with wearing your jeans just once a week, and the difference in cost per wear only increases as the frequency of wearing your jeans increases.  We’ll spare you the math for now, but we’d be happy to share if you really want it!

A fourteen-cent difference each time you put on pants isn’t necessarily compelling at first blush.  When you buy the discount denim, you appear to save at least $100 compared to the brands ZipFit offers!  But at what cost?

_zMPrNskAt this cost!

For most consumers, committing to a new pair of jeans (or any pants, for that matter) means a trip to the mall, paying for parking, time spent rifling through dilapidated clothing racks and apocalyptic sale piles, and worst of all, the dressing room.

Most of us can’t walk into a department store and walk out with the perfect pair, anyways, because jeans (especially mass-produced, low-cost ones) aren’t designed to fit everybody’s body.

That means adding on another trip across town to pay for parking to spend time trying not to get poked by your tailor’s needle while they determine what needs to be altered so that you can leave your pants there for a week and then make a third (and hopefully final) trip to pick up your newly-tailored office apparel.

Did we mention that all of this is expected to take place after hours?  Just so you can wear pants to work?

The cost of this vicious cycle adds up when dealing with low-quality jeans.  Especially when you have to repeat it once a year or so.  Shopping for low-cost denim online brings with it an entirely different set of challenges that make customers’ lives more difficult as budget brands struggle to remain consistent with sizing across different styles.

So now what?

This process is exhausting regardless of what article of clothing you’re looking to replace.  Luckily, we got you covered and ZipFit Denim has solved your denim “distress.”  Our foolproof fitting process brings the workwear selection process directly to your office, embedding the cost of tailoring into the price you pay for your jeans.  This saves our customers at least three trips around town, all in the time it takes to comb through The Wall Street Journal during a generous bathroom break.  After the first fitting, dressing rooms are a thing of the past, for denim at least.  As long as you buy jeans from us, they’re tailored to fit your body perfectly and delivered straight to your home or office every time.  And the reviews speak for themselves.

Though the dollar amount spent up front on designer denim is indeed higher than that spent on lower-cost alternatives, there is a price to be paid for pinching pennies when it comes to buying jeans.  Is it worth being uncomfortable all day at work? Buying new jeans every season because the quality isn’t up to par?  Getting frustrated in a dressing room at the mall, on top of trying to find parking?  No way!

So let us bring the shop to you, and treat your employees to their new favorite in-office event!  We promise we have something for every body, and our fitting experience, designed for offices, is the perfect way to promote a fun-cultured, employee-focused workplace.


For how to book and more information on our fitting experience, designed for offices, please email our Director of Sales, Ryan Kalita: 

#GetFitWithZipFit #FitForAnyBody

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